I've bought/sold a property with OWL Intuition - what next?

The new owner of this OWL Intuition system will need to re-register their equipment under a new username and password - this is simply achieved, but please find appropriate steps below:

  • Factory reset the network OWL by pressing and releasing the pinhole button on the side of this unit (under the aerial arm)
  • Navigate to www.owlintuition.com and run through the "create account" process specifying the existing MAC ID, new username, new password and all relevant details following these fields

Following this, all units previously paired to the system will need to be paired up again. We would advise factory resetting these units as well before proceeding:


  • On a given unit, press and hold "comfort" and "standby" for 30 seconds. This will factory reset the unit and automatically put it into pairing mode (all 3 LEDs flashing).


  • Locate the Transmitter unit and remove its batteries. Wait 4 seconds and reinsert them.

Once the units have been appropriately reset as above, you can log into your new account and pair these units to your system again using the online wizard.

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