"Phantom Power" removal - Overnight generation

"Phantom Power" is a "feature" of all PV Inverters. This is where it appears to an electricity monitoring device that the solar power is being generated even when it is dark!
This Phantom Power is actually reactive power and does not register on the electricity meter. Unfortunately current clamp sensor technology that we (and others) use does not allow us to differentiate between reactive and real power, and hence the Phantom Power is detected in the same way as the true generated power is.
Our Intuition-pv product uses the following approach to remove the measured Phantom Power from the recorded values:
  • At midnight each night the Phantom Power is measured and noted (on a typical single inverter system this might be say 80 watts but can be significantly higher on systems fitted with multiple micro-inverters)
  • Now for the next 24 hours this value is automatically deducted from each and every reading made.
This feature only works on Intuition-pv, so if you are monitoring with any of OWLs other energy monitoring products such as Intuition-lc you will see the Phantom Power overnight. 
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  • 1

    Yes it does produce a phantom reading over nigh 141w, i have two inverters. But i never had this showing before i changed the batteries on my transmitter

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    Anupam Patra

    Yes I am noticing this as well since changing the batteries. It was alright until then. Is there a solution?

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    Antony Coote

    Same here. I have never had this issue, until I changed my batteries, but now it's constantly there.

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