Router configuration required for Network OWL to operate

On networks without firewalls, the Network OWL will operate without any re-configuration of the router. However, where there is a firewall between the Network OWL and the Internet it may be necessary to add extra rules to the firewall settings.

The Network OWL communicates with our servers for 3 reasons: Live data, historical logged data and upgrades. Firewalls will need to be modified to allow data out for each of these methods.

All communication to our server is via a TCP socket. Where possible, it is best to open up each required TCP port for any destination address. The IP addresses for each service can change as we upgrade and improve the service. Allowing any destination address means that you will not have to re-configure your firewall if we change the IP address on our servers.


Firewall Settings

Live Data Connection

TCP Port Number


Destination IP address


Historical Data Connection

TCP Port Number

5004 and 5005

Destination IP Address


Firmware Upgrade Connection

TCP Port Number


Destination IP Address


The Network OWL uses a Passive FTP connection to download the new firmware files. If your firewall is FTP aware, you should not need to open up any extra ports for the data channel. If your firewall is not FTP aware, please contact your system administrator for advice.

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