CM119 Monitor - full reset / pairing process- DISCONTINUED PRODUCT

The CM119 is a discontinued product and out of warranty - we publish these help guides to assist our product holders maintain use of this equipment beyond the normal supported lifetime.

Note:- a small implement such as the end of a paper clip is required to press the RESET buttons.

  1. Bring the Transmitter and Display next to each other. Do not connect the Sensor to the Transmitter at this stage.

  2. Remove the batteries from both units and please replace them unless you are certain that they are new and good.

  3. Insert the batteries into the Transmitter and the Display. A tone will be heard from the Display.

  4. In the battery compartment in the back of the Transmitter please ensure that the Channel switch is set to position 2. Press the RESET button on the back of unit.

  5. Press and hold the CHECK button on the front of the Transmitter until the LED light starts to flash.

  6. On the Display, press and hold the SET button. A tone will be heard.

    Continue to hold the SET button, whilst pressing and releasing the RESET button, and a second tone will be heard. All the segments should appear on the Display followed by a third tone at which point the SET button can be released.

    IMPORTANT – Take care to hold the Set button until the third tone is heard. The sequence will not complete successfully without this.

    The Display will show “----“, which should flash meaning that the display is searching for the Transmitter.

    NOTE – pressing SET and RESET together can by quite tricky and it may take a few attempts to work out which hand to use for which button.

  7. After a maximum of 2 minutes, and normally much more quickly, “0” should now be in the middle of the display, in which case the Transmitter and Display are successfully paired together. If “----“ is still showing on the Display screen and if the SET / RESET sequence has taken you more than about 20 seconds, try pressing the Transmitter CHECK button again, or repeat the whole procedure.

  8. When pairing is complete, replace the battery compartment covers to the Transmitter and Display.

  9. Reset your voltage, tariff and other settings in accordance with the User Manual.

  10. Ensure the Sensor is correctly clipped to the live cable from your meter. Plug the Sensor into the Transmitter and the Display should show a reading within 10 – 20 seconds. 

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