Can I change the Network OWL antenna for a more powerful one?

You must not replace the antenna as it might make the product operate outside approved specifications. The antenna fits onto a Female Reverse Polarity SMA connector. It operates at both 433MHz and 868MHz.

The best option to improve the signal is to try to move the Network OWL to a higher / closer location with a more direct radio path to the Transmitter / Sensors. Same for the Transmitter.
The Network OWL is normally easier to move - using a longer Ethernet cable if necessary (can be as long as 100 metres!).

Another option is to use a Powerline Range Extender or a Wireless Range Extender (just Google these terms). 

A number of customers have successfully used this little unit

You need to use it in Client Mode ( for this application.
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    I did this ... and the unit got very very very hot. It was only fortuitous that I found it.
    So don't !
    I have to say that I find the range of the Owl transmitter to be very short.

    I installed a "Solar iBoost" for my electric immersion hot water tank (something similar I was hoping Owl would do to be honest)

    The "Solar iBoost" transmitter has a far superior range.

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