I am having problems with my OWL+USB PC software - what do you suggest?

Uninstall the currently installed OWL software and try again following these steps:
- Download the latest version of the OWL software from the following link:- (http://www.theowl.com/downloads.html)
- Go to Start/All Programs/The OWL/Uninstall  - need to use the OWL uninstall program so that the service is stopped correctly and all drivers are removed.
- When requested do not save the database file.
- Run the setup program downloaded from the website
- Shutdown PC
- Re-start PC
- Plug-in the OWL+USB and allow the drivers to load
- Go to Start/All Programs/The OWL/OWL Data folder then a “be journal” file will open whilst data is downloading from the Display.
- When the “be journal” file closes, start the OWL software
Other common problems are:
- Plugging in the OWL+USB before the software has been installed
- Not allowing enough time for 30 days worth of data to download
- Opening the application more than once, resulting in a greyed-out window
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