I am having problems with my OWL+USB PC software - what do you suggest?

Uninstall the currently installed OWL software and try again following these steps:
- Download the latest version of the OWL software from the following link:- (http://www.theowl.com/downloads/OWL+USB%20Software.msi)
- Run the setup program downloaded from the website
- Shutdown PC
- Re-start PC
- Disconnect any non-essential USB devices.
- Go to the C:\users\username\appdata\2SE folder and leave this folder open.
- Run the OWL software - a file should appear in the 2SE folder called "2SEData.db". Note the size of the file.
- Connect the OWL+USB; this should connect to the software within 30 seconds as noted in the status bar at the bottom of the software.
- After 10 minutes, check the file size of the 2SEData.db file; this should have increased.
- Provided that the file size has increased, the software should be logging data correctly or otherwise the file can be sent via support ticket for our investigation.
Other common problems are:
- Plugging in the OWL+USB before the software has been installed/run
- Not allowing enough time for 30 days worth of data to download
- Date not being set on the display unit
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