How can I test if my Transmitter and Network OWL are correctly paired?

Note: Unless the Transmitter is in Check Mode, the red LED does not flash, in order to prolong battery life.

Check that the blue LED on the Network OWL flashes at least every 12 seconds if the monitored electricity supply consumption is varying, or every 60 seconds when at a steady state. Please note that the blue LED will also flash when the Network OWL is communicating with heating control Room / Tank Sensors etc.

To test the pairing you can make the electricity Transmitter send its signal every 2 seconds (for 30 seconds) by pressing the “Check” button in the battery compartment for 10 seconds. The red LED will flash with each transmission, the Network OWL blue LED will flash immediately after to confirm the signal has been received.

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    We have recently fit 8 electrical monitors around the country and for some reason they have all stopped working can you please give me a solution of how I can get these back up and running without having to go back to each store ? I have the IP address for each one cheers

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    Trevor George Francis Sheppard

    the blue light will not flash


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    Cormac mcadam

    Hi can you help me out again. I have paid £19.95 to be connected on line. But for some reason I can not get back on line. I have turned the rota of and on I have rebooted the hub . Still nothing . when you say about change the batteries in device I have looked at the device and I can not see how any batteries go in to it .Have you any advice

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    who can i contact as i need advise on turning my heating on

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