Tell me about the available Intuition heating and hot water controls

OWL Intuition Residential Heating & Hot Water Controls are part of the OWL Intuition range of cloud connected monitoring and control products. They are designed to work with Central Heating systems - Combi, Regular, System, and Conventional, with or without a separate Hot Water tank / cylinder.

Operation of the various Room Sensors (room thermostat replacement) and Tank Sensors (hot water tank thermostat replacement) is dependant upon them being correctly paired to the Intuition Network OWL; this is plugged into your home broadband Internet router.

The Room Sensor and Tank Sensor each provide both thermostat and programmer / time clock functionality. Basic day-to-day user operation changes can be made using the three buttons. 

OWL Intuition also provides remote heating control from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the World. You can securely log into the intuitive web dashboard through any modern web browser. iPhone and Android smartphone apps are also available for free download from the App Stores.

A wireless version of the Room Sensor and/or Tank Sensor is provided for by the addition of a OWL Intuition Relay Unit. Functional operation is the same for both wired and wireless versions. You can also use the buttons on the Relay Unit to control your heating.

For homes with more than one heating zone or more than one hot water tank you simply pair additional Room Sensors and/or Tank Sensors to the system. OWL Intuition will support up to 4 of each and meets with the requirements of Building Regulations Part L.

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