What does the Hot Water control do?

Hot Water Modes of Operation

The OWL Intuition hot water control manages the temperature of your hot water at all times (24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year).  Each hot water Tank Sensor is always in one of the following modes:

i. Running

Like a conventional control, the Hot Water Time Clock initially defines at what times you would like your hot water to be maintained at your chosen Target temperature. These periods are known as Hot Water Running Periods.

a. Warm Up - Unlike most controls, OWL Intuition is intelligent and calculates at what time it needs to switch the heating on for your hot water to be at your Target temperature for the Start Time you have defined. OWL Intuition takes into account different factors such as your the current hot water temperature.

b. Cool Down - Likewise OWL Intuition will determine when to switch the heating off, in advance of the Hot Water heating period ending. 

Intelligent Warm Up and Cool Down take the guesswork out of ensuring your hot water is ready for the times you need, whilst saving energy.

ii. Off (Standby)

In normal day-to-day operation, whenever OWL Intuition is not in a Hot Water Running Period, it is Off (Standby). During these periods OWL Intuition will maintain a single Target Standby temperature (configurable). For best economy your Standby temperature would normally be set at a low enough level such that the Standby hot water heating will only come on during exceptionally cold weather. 

iii. Away

When you are away from your home for an extended period of time, OWL Intuition can be put into a special Away mode. When in Away mode, OWL Intuition will maintain a frost protection temperature (configurable) for your hot water tank and home heating.

iv. Holiday

Similar to Away mode, OWL Intuition can be preset as to when you will be away on holiday (start date & return date). When in Holiday mode, OWL Intuition will maintain a single Target temperature (configurable) for your home and hot water tank (if Tank Sensor is also installed).

v. More Hot Water

If at you decide to have a bath or a shower at a time when the temperature of your hot water tank is too low, then you can boost the hot water temperature to 55°C for 30 minutes and then revert to previous mode and settings. You can configure temperature and time period to suit your personal preferences (Hot Water Settings).

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