What happens if I have a power failure? Will I need to pair to the electricity Transmitter again? Will I lose my data?

Whilst the Network OWL is without power, you will not be able to view any live data on the Intuition web dashboard or smartphone interfaces. New data will not be logged until power is restored. You will not need to re-pair your electricity Transmitter unless you remove its batteries.
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    Trevor George Francis Sheppard

    My monitors are not giving readings.


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    sean fillingham

    Have a lot of owl monitors.
    If there is a power cut they do not come back online.
    Think its a problem that the owl comes on before the router boots up. Cant get on the Internet so it goes offline.
    Had one I lost 2 months data as I hadn't checked it.
    Any fix for this?

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    OWL Help Centre Agent 3

    Hi Sean,

    Unfortunately, if there is a power cut you will not be able to restore any data at the time of the loss of power. You will be able to retrieve new data once the device is back up and running. If the Network OWL is not powered on, there is no way for it to store any data.

    If however, your N-OWL was offline for example, it would be able to store a certain amount of data until such time that the N-OWL came back online and the data will be uploaded.

    Hope this helps.

    If you have any further questions, please email customer.services@theowl.com

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