What are the OWL +USB display modes and what do they show?

The Screen is separated into 3 Main sections.

The Main display operates in 3 MODES.

Standard display mode, using the MODE key can be changed to show

COST – ENERGY – GHG modes.

History display mode, entered by pressing and holding MODE key

Set the DATE to configure the start of the review period.

Use the ADJUST key to select the review period length, DAY WEEK MONTH 3-MONTH

EXIT HISTORY MODE by holding down the MODE key

MENU value display mode, entered through the MENU system, by pressing and holding SET key.

Lower Left Screen.

Displays Time and Temp in Standard display mode.

Shows Start Date in History mode.

Lower Right Screen

Standard Display mode, shows accumulated TOTAL

History Display mode, shows review period information.

Menu Mode, displayed MENU structure information.

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