Is the Micro+ suitable for Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) use?

Code for Sustainable HomesTechnical Guide Ene3

OWL Micro+ Compliance
Guidance Note V1.2

We believe that OWL Micro+ (Part Number TSE009-002) meets the requirements of Code Ene3 to qualify for either a single or two credits.

Code Ene3 contains two areas of uncertainty:-

1. “Self charging sensor”

Our understanding is that the Code assessor may determine that a battery powered transmitter with a long battery life, negates the self charging requirement.

The batteries in the OWL Micro+ Transmitter have an average lifetime of the order of 18 months, and as such the product meets this requirement.

2. “Display accurate account balance information”

Our understanding is that this requirement is satisfied providing the customer is able to input tariff data to the monitor.

OWL Micro+ meets this requirement.

OWL Micro+ fully meets all other requirements of the code.

On the basis of the above, we believe that a Code assessor may specify OWL Micro+ as qualifying under the Code:-

a) for a single credit where electricity is not the primary fuel, or

b) for two credits where electricity is the primary fuel

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