How often does the electricity Transmitter send updates to the Network OWL?

The electricity Transmitter sends the current and accumulated values every 60 seconds.  It will then send a transmission every 12 secs of the current value only if there is a change in current >0.07A.  If the change is less than this then the Transmitter does not transmit and the display / system assumes the previous received current value.

The Transmitter samples every 0.1 seconds and averages over the 12 second period.
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    Hi, if the sample rate is 0.1s

    i could have the good average day value with my heater , in fact in spring when the current is equal, (500w),  the average day is good, in winter with heater's they light on /off very often and there is a great différence , how can you explain that ? thanks

    they light more than 0.1s, actually i can see they light 4s on , and 60s off, so the owl could detect the pic current ?

    the current value is following the move for the sample rate ? so i dont understand

    sample ( 22KW read, in real 32Kw/day )

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