How do I change my Room Sensor or Tank Sensor batteries?

Battery Replacement

The Room Sensor and Tank Sensor both run on 2 x AAA size Alkaline non rechargeable batteries and depending upon usage are designed to give a battery life of approximately 12 to 18 months. Through the OWL Intuition web dashboard you can see the current battery level for the Room Sensor and Tank Sensor at any time. When the batteries are nearing the end of their life the battery symbol will turn red and you will get a message pop-up each time you log in to warn you. As a final warning the Away LED or More H/W LED will start to flash on/off every second. When you see one of these warnings you should replace the batteries as soon as possible.

To change the batteries it is necessary to remove the Room Sensor / Tank Sensor from the wall. 

1. Undo the two captive screws at the base of the Room Sensor / Tank Sensor and swing it out at the bottom then up and away from the backplate.

2. Remove the old batteries and replace them with two new high quality, high capacity AAA size Alkaline batteries, ensuring that they are fitted correctly as indicated by the diagram below. Note they both face in the same direction.

3. Once the batteries are fitted, re-fit the Room Sensor / Tank Sensor to the backplate by engaging with the lugs at the top of the backplate, then carefully swing the device down and push it carefully back into its plug-in terminal connectors. Locate over the captive screws at the base of the backplate and tighten them so that the device is locked into position.

4. Login to the OWL Intuition web dashboard and check that the battery level indicator is now fully green (100%).

5. IMPORTANT: If the batteries are allowed to get too low the heating / hot water will no longer be able to switch on. This could be a risk for elderly and infirm householders.

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