Improving accuracy - electricity monitoring

It is possible to fine tune the OWL Intuition configuration to minimise differences between the OWL Intuition readings and the meter readings. Through the web dashboard System menu, click on "Property Voltage" here you can change the default Voltage and Power Factor setting. It is suggested for ease of calculation that you adjust the Power Factor setting. So for example if your system over the course of a day is under reading by say 10%, adjust the Power Factor to 1.1 and click Save. Please remember that the true voltage and true power factor are actually variable, so your improvements will also be variable. The longer the period you compare the more accurate you should be able to get this fine tuning.
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    Sidney Francis

    Du to power factor variations with load i find that at night when most appliances are on standby i get quite a high reading which is not correct (500 w).

    Do you intend to produce products that measure true power in Kw in the future ?

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