What is the "System Offline" Message on the Dashboard?

"System Offline" on your online dashboard will mean your network OWL is not connected to our servers - in order to correct this in most cases simply do the following:

- Disconnect the network OWL from its Ethernet (Network) Cable

- Reboot your router

- Once the router has fully rebooted (if unsure, wait about 5 minutes) reconnect the Ethernet cable to the network OWL.

- Power down the network OWL by disconnecting its power lead, wait five seconds, then reconnect the power lead.


This should allow the network OWL to progress from one green blink quite quickly to two; and within a further 5 minutes it should be blinking its green LED three times at a time.

In the event that it does not proceed to three blinks within 5 minutes, observe the following meanings:

One Blink - The network OWL is not connecting to your router (suggesting a local networking problem). Try changing out the Ethernet cable for another one; or try a different port in the router.

Two Blinks - The network OWL has connected locally, but a security setting on your router may be preventing it from communicating with our server. Please seek assistance from your router provider in this instance.

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