Delayed action using web dashboard / iPhone / Android interface

As the Room Sensor and Tank Sensor are battery powered we have minimized battery drain by making the radio on these units activate only on a timed basis.

This can result in a delay after an action has been requested (e.g. Boost). This delay depends upon the current mode of operation. When in Comfort mode updates are every 33 seconds, Standby mode every 63 seconds, and Away / Holiday / Summer every 303 seconds (5 Minutes).

This means that when you send a command through the web dashboard or smartphone app, it can take up to 5 minutes (worst case) for the message to reach the Room / Tank Sensor and hence for your instruction to be actioned.

You will see an "Update to Room / Tank Sensor Pending" message during this period.

Note that the instruction will not take the full update period to take effect; if 300 seconds have passed since the last update was made by a room sensor in **away** mode, then the next update would be in 3 seconds (thus how long your instruction would take to come into effect). If however only 10 seconds had passed since the last update, your instruction would take 293 seconds to come into effect; as that is when the room sensor would next report in.

You can check when the room/tank sensor last reported in by going into "devices" and clicking on the appropriate room/tank sensor listed: check the "Last Reported" figure.

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