Network OWL Blue LED not flashing

Our latest version of firmware for the OWL Intuition Network OWL has changed how the pairing process operates. Disconnecting and reconnecting power to the network OWL will not put the unit into pairing mode as described in some older manuals.

Instead, users should log into their online account (after it is created) and use the online wizard to pair up their electricity monitoring or heating/hot water units.

The wizard will take users through a step-by-step process pairing up units, and in the case of electricity or solar monitoring also allow them to enter important information such as voltage and power factor settings, and generation meter readings thus far.

Upon completion, the wizard should log you out and back in again; having updated your account with all controls necessary to operate your electricity monitoring or heating control solution.

Please note that attempting to pair by unplugging and plugging in the network OWL may cause the wizard to fail to pair properly afterward; if this is the case, please check your account's devices list and delete any devices listed; this will give a clean slate for the online wizard to work from.

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