Multi-zone Room sensor delay in updating

Under normal operation with multi-zone room sensors it is usual that each sensor will respond at different times to a “change all” command from the on-line dashboard or mobile application, and you may see “update pending” for some time before the command is actioned.

This behaviour is not a fault, it is designed to preserve and extend the battery life of the room sensors and as such each individual room sensor will periodically poll (transmit) to the Network Owl Gateway independently.

In operation, when a command is placed close to the polling period, the sensor may respond almost immediately, whereas a command placed just after the polling period will wait until the next transmission.

The polling or transmit delay period may be more pronounced when the room sensors  are in “Away” or “Summertime” mode, again this is designed to extend the battery life through holidays or the warmer summer months when the heating is not generally used.

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