Can I add another transmitter to monitor more of my electrical system?

Due to previous hardware limitations it is not currently possible to pair more than one electricity transmitter to a network OWL gateway - with the exception of one particular software configuration (Intuition -PV for 3-phase supplies).

If your network OWL has a MAC ID starting "4437191" as opposed to "4437190" then it can support two transmitters; but only for the purpose of one transmitter monitoring consumption (as you have already) and one transmitter monitoring generation from solar panels. Further details on this configuration can be found at

It is worth noting that all units being shipped as of October 2015 are of the "4437191" variety.

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    Marco Nunes

    I bought in 2020 a NetworkOWL gateway + 3 x CM180 supposed to monitor separately 3 loads in my home. I realized this was not possible during installation. 

    Should I buy 2 additional NetworkOWL gateways and log with different accounts (ridiculous) is there any alternative?

    Then, the dashboard should be improved to allow "visually" to monitor the different devices in the system (PV, heating, electric power consumption).

    The main reason is to monitor separately the incoming power/consumption and separately the Spa and EV Charger.

    Awaiting for any news....


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    I have a similar issue in that I bought one 3 phased meter and three single phase meters to monitor firstly the total house and then divide total into  garage and other areas only to find they don't appear to be allowed to work together.

    Marco Did you get a solution or answer to your question?


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