If the Internet connection goes down will my system continue to work ?

The Owl Intuition product is designed to have a permanent and reliable internet connection to function correctly though the product will continue to  function as described below.

Heating applications - The heating & hot-water  will continue to  work on its pre programmed timed heating periods -  you can also override the system by the button presses's on the applicable units.

If your Internet is down , naturally  you  will not  be able to  control the system via the web dashboard or a phone application.

Electricity monitoring

The Owl gateway will continue to  receive electricity readings from the local transmitter and will  store these in memory and the storage capacity is approximately 48 hours,  however this is variable depending  on how complex the system is being monitored as it  will consume more memory .

If the internet connection continues to  be at  fault or unreliable the data may  be overwritten when the memory reaches capacity and before it can be downloaded to our servers.


The reliable operation and the support of the unit is dependent on a stable internet connection and any fault on this external service should be remedied at the earliest opportunity to allow the product to operate correctly as prescribed. We are unable to support devices that do not have an internet connection

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