What happens if I turn my Network Owl Gateway off ?

If the Network Owl Gateway is turned off the performance and usability of the system will be severely degraded and we cannot provide support in these circumstances.

The Network Owl gateway  is the hub for all communications and plays a vital role in the reliable dissemination of data  for the on-line graphs, live readouts and user interaction between web and mobile app communications.

Additionally, certain functions are performed though the day and night  to ensure the data captured is accurate, particularly in the case of Solar PV installations. Any power outage can cause inaccurate readings for a full 24 hour period after power has been restored. This can on occasions result in zero or very low solar generation statistics until the following day when the system is benchmarked overnight.


Pleas note we cannot  support any installation where the Network Owl is powered down for long or regular  periods. Similarly , where there is intermittent Network communications with the Network Owl gateway , this could also impact on the functionality and should be rectified before any support requests are logged. 


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