Heating Comes on Outside Time Clock settings or late at night

During normal running mode (not Away  mode and not  Summer Mode) the heating is generally controlled by the settings of time and temperature in your time clock


If you  find that the heating is coming on outside of the pre set times this is usually due to one of two valid scenarios.

1) The Heating will come on generally up to 1 hour prior to a time clock setting  and this is known s the "Warm up" time, this is designed to warm the house up to reach your desired temperature by the set time in your time clock


2) The standby temperature is designed to set a minimum temperature at  which the house will maintain when the time clock is active but is between heating periods. Quite often though the night your house temperature may decrease and the ambient temperature may  fall below the set standby temperature.

It is not advisable to set the standby temperature too high this will result in the boiler coming on regularly 24  hours a day to maintain a constant  high temperature and this will  be more prominent at night when the genera ambient temperature falls.

The standby temperature is a personal choice, however most households generally  set this to around 15c 


If you  see find your heating is coming on when not required please review the heating graphs on your dashboard view - these will  show the required temperature and the times that  the boiler is on. From the graphs you  can determine if your settings are incorrect , set too high or there is a genuine fault. 

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