Change Batteries - Intuition -E/-LC Electricity Monitoring

If you have received an email informing  you that  the no solar generation is being detected, or you  have noticed the batteries require changing in the transmitter the following is a  guide to the components and procedures to follow.

Please note we do not advise that the batteries are changed  or removed without going through  through the following steps as this will require additional support to resolve the original issue.


Firstly make yourself familiar with the component that  requires attention - THE TRANSMITTER, this is often overlooked as it  can be out of sight.  The transmitter  would have been provided and placed in your home by your installer, it will generally be placed in your electrical cupboard, or close to your utility meter and consumer unit. - it  is approximately 2.5 X 3.5 inches in size


Make a note of the correct positioning of the two cables, your installer may not have labeled them up. The transmitter contains 3 ports - only ports 1 and 2 (left and middle) are used for a PV monitoring  system.  If you  have a cable in port 3 this is incorrect and should  be removed and placed in the vacant  port.


Changing the batteries

  • Log into your dashboard via a browser based view via
  • Go to the Devices Menu at the top of the screen
  • Click the Electricity Transmitter
  • Select the  the "Change Batteries" button and follow the on screen instruction

The wizard instructions above should  successfully  allow you  to change the batteries and maintain the wireless pairing.


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